To Our Membership,

We have  a few rules to make our adventures club run smoothly.

If you signup for an event and change your mind for whatever reason you MUST EMAIL the person chairing that particular event. The event chairs email can be found on the event sheet.

The second request, if you did not attend the meeting you will receive your event sheet via your email. If you are interested in signing up for any of the events you MUST email the chairperson of that event requesting you are interested in attending.

You all have one week to make your final decisions. Please respond to the event chair person not to Felice Rosen.

If you change your mind after a week you will be responsible to pay for the cost of the event.

In several cases there are going to be lotteries and waitlists. We wait until a week after the meeting to pull names out of a hat. Then start the waitlist in the order names are pulled. This is the only fair way for all of our members.

I feel strongly about having waitlists so if any of you get sick or cancel after the week hopefully somebody from the waitlist can take your place and you will not be charged.

You may initially be disappointed if you do not get into an event but believe me you will be much happier if you have to cancel and we are able to fill your spot and you won’t be financially responsible if we have a waitlist.
Thanks you in advance for your understanding with this issue,’

Once we have the list of attendees the names of confirmed participants will be on our website.

Thanks you all for your cooperation.
Looking forward to a great season.
Ellyn Goldstein
Events Director