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Minutes of the meeting March 20, 2018

Marsha Soroka, the president, called the meeting to order at 4:45 P.M.

She said that there were 10 tickets remaining for the Slowburn show “Memphis” and asked that we help in trying to sell those tickets. If you are attending, you may bring outside guests since we do not want to operate at a loss.

She introduced Pam Poulin, who is Boca Pointe’s new social director. Pam, who has had experience in 55+ Communities, said that if we have any questions or need assistance to please contact her.

Bernice Staub said that the Croquet trip was enjoyed by everyone. She was asked if it could be presented again. Marsha said that the cruise was spectacular and that there were NO complaints. A group picture was available for all who attended the event. We will try for another cruise next year in late March.

Lois Dermer said that 32 people attended the yacht cruise and they had a lovely, relaxing day.

Barbara Gaynor said that 25 people had an interesting and informative day at the Harid Dance Conservatory.

Ronni Ratsprecher said that the Square Dance, attended by 54 people, was great. The decorations, food and caller made for a wonderful time.

Richie Seiden said that the Craft Beer event was casual and nice. Those who attended can go back to drink the beer that was specially made for them.

Theda Dennison said that all the tickets for the baseball game have been sold, however; there are 4 tickets still available.

Marsha then asked the golfers if they were interested in attending next season’s picnic that would be held on December, 16th, 2018. This would not conflict with any of the golfer’s events. The response was positive.

We need volunteers for next season’s events. Anyone interested was asked to see Ellyn after the


If you are a snowbird and have event ideas for next year, please contact Ellyn.

The events for next season were discussed:

Theda said that the “Spring Training Baseball Game” on March, 22nd has been sold out. 4 tickets are available. The cost is $42 p.p. And includes bus and game.

Ruth Shalek said that “Memphis the Musical” on March 24th has 10 tickets available. If you are attending, you may bring outside guests as we really need to sell the tickets. The cost is $40 p.p. (As a side note; all tickets were sold)

Felice Rosen talked about the “Paddle boarding and Kayaking” event on April 14th. The cost is $25 per person which includes all instructions as well as equipment. The park is close and features nature preserves, walking trails, and restaurants. You may bring your own lunch.

Mel Schoen said that the “Deep Sea Fishing” event on April 18th is suitable for both men and women. The cost is $45 p.p. and includes everything you will need. You can bring your own pole if you wish. There will be a pool for the largest fish caught. You can carpool from the athletic center. Mel will call the night before if the trip needs to be cancelled.

Claire Taylor said that next season we will be getting tickets for the “Black Box” on Nov. 2nd , 2018 to see Bobby Collins the comedian. Since our first meeting will be on Nov. 3rd, members will be notified in advance. This will count as 1 event.

We are planning on a “Winwood Tour” in January or February which will include a bus, little bites in 3 restaurants and visits to art galleries. The cost is $69 p.p.

Our next meeting is on April 10th. On that sign-up sheet we will be asked if we want to remain in the club. If you do not notify us by August 31st you will be charged for next season

The meeting concluded at 5:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Bernice Herman