Dear AC Chairpersons and Members:


At the end of each general meeting all event sheets are to be signed and turned in.  We keep all of the signup sheets that were not turned in as well.  This is our record that you attended or did not attend the meeting.

If you attend a meeting and forget to turn in your sign in sheet, you will not get credit for attending the meeting.

The first priority is to get the list of attendees for each event to the Chairperson and the attendees for that event are put onto the website.

The second priority is to do attendance.  An email is sent out to everyone who did not attend the meeting with instructions to email the Chairperson of that event if you want to attend. This email is usually sent by the end of the week.  Please do NOT email me.

Chairpersons cannot accept phone calls.  You must either email or write a note to the Chairperson with your request to add or remove yourself from an event.  The Chairperson then forwards all of the correspondence to me.  This avoids billing disputes.  After all changes I will send a revised list to the Chairperson and to the webmaster to update the website.

It is the member’s responsibility to check the website to see if they got onto an event.  The member may then call or email the Chairperson with specific questions about the event.  The Chairperson keeps their own wait-list for their events and will update me when there is a change so that I can update the master list and website.

All members who attend the meetings get first priority for an event and also get first priority on a lottery if needed.

Thank you.

Adventurers Club Administrator