Hello Members,

Update on this coming season of the Adventures Club.


Due to the current situation from the COVID-19,  we have temporarily put a hold on when this season will begin.


As all of our old members know that even our outside events are impossible to do with the current social distancing requirements.


When it will be safe for all of our members we will have an abbreviated season with no minimum requirements on attending events or meetings. 


There will be no yearly dues this year as well.


Stay healthy and stay 6 feet apart.


Ellyn Goldstein

Events Director

About 19 years ago, a group of residents at Boca Pointe were looking for fun and adventure.  Founded by Bernie Drucker, The Adventurers’ Club was born.  It has introduced new experiences, adventure and camaraderie into all its members’ lives.

Bernie turned over the stewardship of The Adventurers’ Club to Roberta Pheifer and Arlene Adelson.  They remained co-presidents for four years.  At the end of the fourth year Roberta Pheifer turned the presidency over to Arlene Adelson, who remained president for 14 years.  The club has grown and its activities have grown to a new level.  Upon Arlene’s passing, Claire Taylor assumed the job and now Marsha Soroka is the new president.

The club meets regularly from November through April.  Membership includes couples and singles of various ages that are members of The Club at Boca Pointe. The Country Club handles all finances through the members’ country club accounts. The club is non-profit and whatever the event costs is what is charged to the members.  The Adventurers’ Club Board takes on the important task of planning and coordinating events. The amount of planning that goes into scheduling and organizing these events is tremendous.  A few years ago, we computerized and that has helped immensely in keeping the club on track. Now, with our website, members can keep informed just by going to www.bpadventurersclub.com.


We have an extensive agenda.  Some of the previous events included a Kennedy Space Center shuttle liftoff; Disney Underground; trip to the Sugar & Rice fields at Lake Okeechobee; Mystery Train ride; the rodeo; three day trip to Sarasota; Polo matches; swimming with the dolphins; wildlife sanctuaries; deep sea fishing; Segway instruction; Shark Valley; art restoration tour; Texas Hold’em night, scavenger hunt; canoeing; kayaking; gun range; behind the scene tours, and many more exciting, fun adventures during the season.


There are 220 members with a two-year wait list.  The committee starts the planning sessions as soon as the season ends. The membership is invited to participate in the planning all summer and encouraged to volunteer to chair these events.


Yearly dues are $35 per person and this covers most expenses outside the cost of the event, which the member pays.

At least 22 events are planned each season. Members must attend at least three events as well as three meetings in order to remain in the Adventurers Club.


The Adventurers’ Club is unique and has proved a great journey for its members.


Marsha Soroka – President

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